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Broadcast Date October 1, 2013

Boonton's USB Peak Power Sensor offers the capabilities of bench top peak power meters on your laptop or tablet.  In addition to incorporating the trigger stability and waveform fidelity features of its bench top peak power meters, the 55 series features Real Time Power Processing™ available only from Boonton.  With concurrent signal acquisition and sweep processing Real Time Power Processing™  captures 40,000 triggered measurements per second, never missing a pulse and catching all the intermittent events on your pulse signal. Conventional meters make only 1000 measurements per second, missing critical events. With the fastest rise time,  highest video bandwidth and 0.1 ns time resolution Boonton delivers the best USB peak power sensor. 

Power Measurements of Complex Pulse Trains Webinar

Broadcasted 5/25/2011

Pulsed signals used for radar, remote sensing and tracking, MRI medical imaging, and certain wireless communication applications such as WiMax & LTE have become increasingly complex to measure. A Peak power meter with advanced trigger capabilities is an excellent tool for this purpose. The Boonton 4500B can trigger using a single edge, pos/neg slope, standard hold-off, or a delay by time or event. This webinar describes the basic characteristics of pulse signal and capabilities of complex pulse train measurements by using Boonton 4500B.

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Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) with Boonton 7200 Capacity Meter Webinar

Broadcasted 2/16/2011

Deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) is an experimental tool for studying electrically active defects in semiconductors. DLTS allows researchers to define defect parameters and measure the concentration of those defects in space charge region of simple electronic devices, typically Schottky diodes or p-n junctions. DLTS has a higher sensitivity than almost any other semiconductor diagnostic technique available.

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Amplifier Test Part 1 - Replacing Your Crystal/Diode Detector

Broadcasted 12/13/2010

This webinar describes how our family of peak power meter/sensor systems can replace the single-ended detector system used for measuring the forward and reflected power of a Radar antenna system.

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RF Power Measurement Basics

Broadcasted 9/8/2010

This webinar is designed for people who want to learn about Power measurements with RF power meters.

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