Customer Success
Global Systems Integrator Uses Microlab DCC Series™ DAS Carrier Conditioner
DAS Point of interface
Customer Success Story:

Global DAS Systems Integrator Uses Microlab DCC Series™ DAS Carrier Conditioner to combine signals from multiple carriers.

Previous/Current Situation:

Global DAS Systems Integrator’s customers worldwide need to combine RF signals from multiple wireless carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, Orange, O2, etc.

Problem or Challenge and its Impact:

Historically, DAS SIs engineers would buy seperate RF components and build this capability themselves in-house or on a case by case basis in the field.  This is costly due to increased labor costs of RF engineers, and causes of the overall DAS project timeline.

Alternative Approaches to Solve/Improve:

The only real alternatives to this requirement  is to either continue to build it in-house or use available products of experienced RF component manufacturers.

Solution Implemented/Action Taken:

Microlab has a proven multi-carrier combiner platform including support for neutral-host DAS venues.  Now DAS SI’s  design engineers can use the Microlab DCC Series™ DAS Carrier Conditioner platform to select the bands/frequencies/signals required.  Microlab then configures a DCC Series™ DAS Carrier Conditioner based on these requirements.


DAS SI’s engineers can focus on other critical aspects of DAS deployment.  They can get from Microlab a configured, factory-built DCC Series™ DAS Carrier Conditioner, which improves the quality of the combiner capability and optimizes the DAS engineering staff.