Tuners & Line Stretchers

Tuners & Line Stretchers

The Microlab line stretchers are constant impedance devices utilizing a unique inner design eliminating the step discontinuities associated with conventional line stretchers. They are rugged, well designed devices with a proven history.

Products Available

SR-05FLine stretcher, SMA (m-f)
SR-05NLine stretcher, N-type (m-f)
SR-15FLine stretcher, SMA (m-f)
SR-15NLine stretcher, N-type (m-f)
ST-05FLine trombone, SMA (m-f)
ST-05NLine trombone, N-type (m-f)
ST-15FLine trombone, SMA (m-f)
ST-15NLine trombone, N-type (m-f)
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