Duplexers & Multi-Band Combiners

Microlab offers a wide range of broad and narrowband diplexers and triplexers to meet the rigorous demands of the wireless market. The focus is to provide extremely broad bandwidths, with minimum loss and low PIM. The most suitable design technique for such requirements is often the suspended substrate which has low loss and has the cost benefit of being tuned by design. Such units have become a very important building block in the combining of multiple signals being distributed in Distributed Antenna Systems, or DAS.

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Products in Development- Preliminary Specifications


BL-13D PCS/GSM 1930-1990/1850-1910 MHz, 60W, 7-16(f)
BL-14D CDMA 800 824-849/869-894 MHz, 60W, 7-16(f)
BL-15D LTE-700 Lower B/C Block, 300W, 7-16(f)
BL-16D LTE-700 Upper C Block, 300W, N(f)
BL-18D iDEN-800 Upper C Block, 60W, 7-16(f)
BL-20D LTE-700ABC: 698-798/728-768 MHz, 60W, 7-16(f)
BL-22D Cellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-851, 200W, 7-16(f)
BL-23D 1900+G Upper C Block, 200W, 7-16(f)
GSM-1800:  1710-1785/1805-1880 MHz, 50W, N(f)
BL-32D Cellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-849, 7-16(f)
BL-32N Cellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-849, N(f)
BL-39N  700 MHz Lower ABC & Upper C, 60W

Multi-Band Combiners 

BK-31D  Triplexer, GSM/DCS/UMTS, 7-16   
BK-91N Quadraplexer Cellular/WiFi
BK-94D Quadraplexer 806-960/DCS/UMTS/2600
Quadraplexer LTE-700/GSM-850/PCS/AWS. 7-16  


Multi-Band Combiners

BK-04D50-220/400-960 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-04DP50-220/400-960 MHz Diplexer, 7-16, outdoor
BK-04N50-220/400-960 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-04NP50-220/400-960 MHz Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-05D84.5-108/148-300 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-05N84.5-108/148-300 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-10E694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, 4.3-10
BK-10N694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-10NP694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-12D80 - 960/1695 - 2700 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-12DP80 - 960/1695 - 2700 MHz Diplexer, 7-16, outdoor
BK-12E80 - 960/1695 - 2700 MHz Diplexer, 4.3-10
BK-12N80 - 960/1695 - 2700 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-12NP80 - 960/1695 - 2700 MHz Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-20D694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-20DP694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, 7-16, outdoor
BK-20E694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, 4.3-10
BK-20EP694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, 4.3-10, outdoor
BK-20N694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-20NP694-960/1710-2170 MHz Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-21D80-2170 MHz/WLAN Diplexer, 7-16
BK-21DP80-2170 MHz/WLAN Diplexer, 7-16, outdoor
BK-21E80-2170 MHz/WLAN Diplexer, 4.3-10
BK-21N80-2170 MHz/WLAN Diplexer, N-type
BK-21NP80-2170 MHz/WLAN Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-24D80-520/694-2700 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-24DP80-520/694-2700 MHz Diplexer, 7-16, outdoor
BK-24E80-520/694-2700 MHz Diplexer, 4.3-10
BK-24N80-520/694-2700 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-24NP80-520/694-2700 MHz Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-25D1710-1880/1920-2170 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-26N80 - 2690 / 3300 - 5850 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-27N80-1990/2400-2700 & 4900-5850 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-27NP80-1990/2400-2700 & 4900-5850 MHz Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-28N2400-3800/5150-5850 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-34DTriplexer, 700+850/PCS/AWS, 7-16
BK-36DTriplexer, 700/850+PCS/AWS, 7-16
BK-36NTriplexer, 700/850+PCS/AWS, N-type
BK-37DTriplexer, 698-793/824-894/1710-2170 MHz, 7-16
BK-37NTriplexer, 698-793/824-894/1710-2170 MHz, N-type
BK-38NTriplexer, 380-2170/2400-2690/3300-5825 MHz, N-type
BK-41D(700+850)/(PCS+AWS)/(WCS+2600), 7-16
BK-41DW(700+850)/(PCS+AWS)/(WCS+2600), 7-16
BK-42D(700+850)/(PCS+AWS-1 /-3)/(WCS+2600), 7-16
BK-51D694-960/2500-2690 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-51N694-960/2500-2690 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-52D1710-2170/2490-2690 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-52N1710-2170/2490-2690 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-55D790-862 /890-960 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-62E80-2170/2400-2500+4900-5850 MHz Diplexer, 4.3-10
BK-62N80-2170/2400-2500+4900-5850 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-67D80-2170/2500-2700 MHz WiMAX Diplexer, 7-16
BK-67N80-2170/2500-2700 MHz WiMAX Diplexer, N-type
BK-68D80-2170/2500-2700 MHz WiMAX Diplexer, 7-16
BK-68DP80-2170/2500-2700 MHz WiMAX Diplexer, 7-16, outdoor
BK-68N80-2170/2500-2700 MHz WiMAX Diplexer, N-type
BK-68NP80-2170/2500-2700 MHz WiMAX Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-69D698-960+1695-2200/2300-2700 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-711N698-787/817-896 MHz Diplexer, N
BK-71D698-973/824-894 MHz Diplexer, 7-16
BK-71DP698-973/824-894 MHz Diplexer, 7-16, outdoor
BK-71N698-973/824-894 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-721N1900 PCS +G+H Band/AWS-1 & -3 Diplexer, 500W, N-type
BK-72DAWS 1700-2100/PCS 1900 Diplexer, 7-16
BK-72NAWS 1700-2100/PCS 1900 Diplexer, N-type
BK-73D700+AWS/850+PCS Diplexer, 7-16
BK-73N700+AWS/850+PCS Diplexer, N-type
BK-741D1900 PCS +G+H Band/AWS-1 & -3 Diplexer, 7-16, outdoor
BK-741E1900 PCS +G+H Band/AWS-1 & -3 Diplexer, 4.3-10, outdoor
BK-741N1900 PCS +G+H Band/AWS-1 & -3 Diplexer, N-type, outdoor
BK-742N1900 PCS +G+H Band/AWS-1 & -3 Diplexer, N-type
BK-74DAWS 1700-2100/PCS 1900 Diplexer, 7-16
BK-74NAWS 1700-2100/PCS 1900 Diplexer, N-type
BK-75D698-793/824-894 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-75N698-793/824-894 MHz Diplexer, N-type
BK-81NCellular-WLAN Diplexer, EN Approved Trains, N-type
BK-92DQuadraplexer 380-960/DCS/UMTS/2600, N-type
BK-92EQuadraplexer 380-960/DCS/UMTS/2600, 4.3-10
BK-94DQuadraplexer 790-960/1710-1880/1920-2170/2500-2690 MHz, 7-16
BK-94NQuadraplexer 790-960/1710-1880/1920-2170/2500-2690 MHz, N-type
BK-962D698-787/817-896/1850-2000/AWS-1+AWS-3 Quadraplexer, 7-16
BK-962E698-787/817-896/1850-2000/AWS-1+AWS-3 Quadraplexer, 4.3-10
BK-96DQuadraplexer LTE-700/GSM-850/PCS/AWS, 7-16
BK-96NQuadraplexer LTE-700/GSM-850/PCS/AWS, N-type
BK-98DQuadraplexer LTE-700/GSM-850/PCS/AWS, 7-16
BK-98EQuadraplexer LTE-700/GSM-850/PCS/AWS, 4.3-10


BL-01NFLTE 700 Upper C Block, Ceramic Duplexer 5W, N-type (f) to SMA (f)
BL-10DLTE-700: 704-716/734-746 MHz, 20W, 7-16
BL-10NLTE-700: 704-716/734-746 MHz, 20W, N-type
BL-11DCellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-851, 7-16
BL-11NCellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-851, N-type
BL-12DPCS/GSM 1930-1990/1850-1910 MHz, 20W, 7-16
BL-12NPCS/GSM 1930-1990/1850-1910 MHz, 20W, N-type
BL-13NPCS/GSM 1930-1990/1850-1910 MHz, 60W, N-type
BL-14NCDMA 800 824-849/869-894 MHz, 60W, N-type
BL-15NLTE-700 Lower B/C Block, 300W, N-type
BL-16DLTE-700 Upper C Block, 300W, 7-16
BL-16NLTE-700 Upper C Block, 300W, N-type
BL-18NiDEN-800 Upper C Block, 60W, N-type
BL-19D1900+G Upper C Block, 60W, 7-16
BL-19N1900+G Upper C Block, 60W, N-type
BL-20NLTE-700ABC: 698-798/728-768 MHz, 60W, N-type
BL-21DAWS Duplexer, 1710-1755/2110-2155, 60W, 7-16
BL-21DPAWS Duplexer, 1710-1755/2110-2155, 60W, 7-16, outdoor
BL-21EAWS Duplexer, 1710-1755/2110-2155, 60W, 4.3-10
BL-21NAWS Duplexer, 1710-1755/2110-2155, 60W, N-type
BL-22NCellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-851, 200W, N-type
BL-23N1900+G Upper C Block, 200W, N-type
BL-24NGSM-1800: 1710-1785/1805-1880 MHz, 50W, N-type
BL-25E1900+G Upper C Block, 120W, Lowest PIM, 4.3-10
BL-25N1900+G Upper C Block, 120W, Lowest PIM, N-type
BL-26N700 MHz Public Safety, 60W, N-type
BL-27N880-915/925-960 Cavity Duplexer for 900MHz, N-type
BL-28N2500-2570/2620-2690 Cavity Duplexer for 2600 LTE, N-type
BL-36DUMTS Duplexer,1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz, 80W, 7-16
BL-36DPUMTS Duplexer,1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz, 80W, 7-16, outdoor
BL-36NUMTS Duplexer,1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz, 80W, N-type
BL-36NPUMTS Duplexer,1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz, 80W, N-type, outdoor
BL-37D700 MHz Band Upper C Block, 200W, 7-16
BL-37E700 MHz Band Upper C Block, 200W, 4.3-10
BL-37N700 MHz Band Upper C Block, 200W, N-type
BL-39N700 MHz Lower ABC & Upper C, 60W, N-type
BL-42DPCS/AWS-1/AWS-3 Duplexer,1710-1915/1930-2180 MHz, 20W, 7-16
BL-42EPCS/AWS-1/AWS-3 Duplexer,1710-1915/1930-2180 MHz, 20W, 4.3-10
BL-51D1695-1780/2110-2180 MHz Duplexer, 60W, 7-16
BL-51E1695-1780/2110-2180 MHz Duplexer, 60W, 4.3-10
BL-51N1695-1780/2110-2180 MHz Duplexer, 60W, N-type
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