Accessories: Demarcation Panel

Microlab Model PP-10 Series low PIM patch panel is designed to establish a point of demarcation between a distributed antenna system (DAS) and base station equipment. This assembly provides an aesthetic means of intergrating a DAS deployment.

The 19” rack mount assembly enables an organized method of seperating equipment. The bulkhead connectors are guarnteed low PIM ideal for LTE deployments.

Custom kits are available which include low PIM jumper cables. (2-14)

Products Available

PP-10FADC - 6000 MHz, 100W, 2x N-type (f-f) & 7-16 (f-f)
PP-10FDDC - 6000 MHz, 100W, 7-16 (f-f) bulkhead
PP-10FNDC- 6000 MHz, 100W, N-type (f-f) bulkhead
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