60 GHz Noise Figure Test Set

60 GHz Noise Figure Test Set

The Noisecom 60 GHz Noise Figure test set has 4 separate systems designed to perform Y-factor noise figure measurements using a high performance Spectrum Analyzer or a dedicated receiver. Each system contains a highly stable V-band noise source, isolator(s), optional waveguide to coaxial transitions and an optional pre-amplifier for use with a spectrum analyzer. The two standard calibration tables have ENR data points at 1 GHz intervals.* System ENR is measured before the DUT connector and at the final output stage allowing for pre-test calibration of the system.


  • 802.11 at 60 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Small Cell Wireless Backhaul
  • Wireless HD
  • 60 GHz WiGig

* Additional calibration points are available upon request. Please contact your local sales office.

60 GHz Noise Figure Test Set
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