Boonton PIM 21


The PIM 21 is a microprocessor controlled, portable test set allowing detection of distortion components and assemblies in radio base station, in-building DAS installations and other systems transmitting radio frequencies.

Non-linearity in radio frequency assemblies causes Intermodulation Distortion (IM). The purpose of the PIM 21 test set is to specifically test for this distortion in passive signal paths, known as Passive Intermodulation Distortion or PIM. Components in coaxial feeder assemblies such as connectors, jumper cables, splitters, hybrids, filters, DC blocks and antennas can cause PIM problems if they are not manufactured appropriately or not assembled properly.

Quick Features

  • Easily identify PIM problems of system components such as antennas, feeder cables and connectors in the field.
  • Small, portable and weather-proof
  • Battery Operated
  • Adjustable level of customer specified test frequencies
  • PIM sensitivity of -153 dBc @ 850 MHz (typical -155 dBc @ 850 MHz)

Chinese datasheet available.

Boonton PIM 21 Boonton PIM 21 Boonton PIM 21

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