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Active Solutions

Microlab products have been used in wireless infrastructure since the beginning of the industry. As a result, we understand that industry requirements continually evolves. We constantly develop new products to support new modulation schemes, frequencies, and other wireless infrastructure changes. Leveraging its deep technical background in wireless, Microlab released its first active component, the Active DAS Control Rack in 2014. It provides remote monitoring and level control between an RF source and a fiber DAS. As a follow-up in 2015, Microlab launched a group dedicated to Active Solutions.

Microlab’s Active product group has developed a platform that enables rapid development of products that will address various gaps in the telecom and public safety market including RF monitoring and system performance. This platform will also allow integration with the next generation of wireless equipment.

The first product to be released on this platform is the Public Safety Monitor. This device resolves a long unfulfilled wish of wireless providers and system integrators: a simple and consistent way to monitor multiple RF sources, and provide remote diagnostics when problems arise in the DAS. Initially focusing on the world-wide Public Safety frequencies from 60 MHz to 1 GHz, this system is also capable of monitoring commercial wireless DAS signals from 600 MHz to 3 GHz.

Active Solutions

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